Working From Home with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With recent changing circumstances under unprecedented time due to COVID-19 working from home culture is growing. If you are Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer and yet not moved to Business Central then it’s very hard for the business users to work with Dynamics NAV via remote access. This article will throw some light on the ways while working from home with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamic NAV run on the windows client is available on the 32-bit version and 64-bit version. Working from home with Microsoft Dynamics NAV should not affect your ability to access Dynamics NAV. A VPN will be required or this security setting can be changed). If you currently utilize an On-Premise installation of Dynamics NAV. You will need to take following steps so that your employees can still access your Dynamics environment.

  • Setup a VPN for all employees to use
  • Allow access from the RTC over the internet
  • Setup the Dynamics NAV Web Client for external access

How to Utilize Dynamics NAV for External Access?

Dynamics NAV offer the use of a web client that can be installed alongside your installation of the Dynamics NAV service.

  • Using the Dynamics NAV Setup
  • Using the Dynamics NAV Web Server PowerShell cmdlets.

To enable external access to your web client you will need to ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Public DNS entry that resolves to the network address that your Dynamics NAV server is hosted
  • Network firewall entry allowing in the appropriate port (443 for HTTPS, 80 for HTTP)
  • NAT entry that translates the resolved public IP of the DNS name to the IP address of the server that hosts Dynamics NAV
  • Local firewall entry allowing in the appropriate port (443/80) on the server that hosts Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics NAV server that has web server functionality and IIS installed.

Consult Econix consulting team for more details how to enable your existing Dynamics NAV environment compatible for remote working.