Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing Process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for discrete manufacturing process

Manufacturing Industry required Dynamics 365 solution to manage and tracking process or business.

Discrete Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive suite of business applications for various industries, including the discrete manufacturing industry. Discrete manufacturing refers to the production of distinct items or products, such as automobiles, electronics, appliances, machinery, and other tangible goods. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing is designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of manufacturers in this industry, providing end-to-end solutions for managing their operations, supply chain, sales, customer service, and more.

Econix Dynamics 365 Discrete Manufacturing Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for Discrete Manufacturing provided by Econix has enrich capabilities for managing discrete manufacturing processes, like shop floor control, MRP, order-based cost accounting and supply chain management. Dynamics 365 for manufacturing helps manufacturers to break down silos and connect their systems and data together.

Key features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing

Production Planning and Scheduling

The solution helps manufacturers optimize their production planning and scheduling processes, enabling them to create and manage production orders, plan resources, allocate materials, and monitor progress in real-time. It also includes advanced features such as finite capacity scheduling, which considers machine and labor capacities to optimize production schedules.

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Routing Management

Manufacturers can create and manage complex BOMs and routing hierarchies for their products, allowing them to define the components, subassemblies, and operations required for production. This helps ensure accurate costing, efficient production, and effective management of changes and revisions.

Quality Management

The solution includes robust quality management features, such as quality control plans, inspection processes, and non-conformance management, which help manufacturers maintain and improve product quality, comply with industry standards, and manage quality issues effectively.

Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing provides comprehensive supply chain management capabilities, including procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, and demand planning. It helps manufacturers optimize their supply chain operations, streamline procurement processes, manage inventory levels, and forecast demand accurately.

Sales and Customer Service

The solution includes integrated sales and customer service modules that enable manufacturers to manage their sales processes, track customer interactions, and provide effective customer service. It helps manufacturers streamline their sales order management, manage customer relationships, and provide timely support to their customers.

IoT Integration

Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing offers integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors, allowing manufacturers to collect and analyze data from their production equipment, assets, and products. This enables them to gain insights into their operations, optimize performance, and proactively identify and resolve issues.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The solution includes advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, powered by Microsoft Power BI, which enable manufacturers to gain actionable insights into their operations, performance, and profitability. Manufacturers can create custom dashboards and reports, visualize data, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.

Scalability and Cloud Deployment

Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing is a cloud-based solution that offers scalability and flexibility to manufacturers, allowing them to adapt to changing business needs and scale their operations up or down as required. It can be deployed on Microsoft Azure, providing secure and reliable access to the solution from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

End Production Order

Dynamics 365 for Discrete Manufacturing is a cloud-based solution that mange end production order management system.

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