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E ConCentral – Econix ISV Solution

The contract management is one of the core functions of the contracting industry like Construction, Energy, IT, Media, Infrastructure, Software, etc. Majority of the work is executed by multiple contractors Viz. specialized contractors, labor contractors, internal or external teams, etc.

E ConCentral is All-in-One Contract Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and is fully compliant to the various aspects of contracting and work order management required by the industry.

E ConCentral is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simplicity guides innovations in product design, development, implementation, and usability.


E ConCentral Features

  • E ConCentral
  • Contractor registration
  • Activity and task estimates
  • Contract Resource allocation
  • Work orders per contract activity
  • Monitoring work order completion
  • Quality control
  • Material, Resource, Equipment and Administration/Overhead expenses per contract activity
  • Contract planning, execution and monitoring
  • Periodic, milestone & work completion based Sales invoicing
  • Auto generation of Sales Invoice
  • Centralized contract documentation
  • Contract retention & prepayments
  • Seamless integration with Finance, Purchase, Inventory
  • Realtime contract insight – Budget Vs Actual Vs Profit/Loss 

Material, Resource and Equipment

Material, Resource management features often come hand-in-hand with tool and equipment tracking options. These features allow you to monitor and control what happens to materials that your suppliers deliver, as well as review quotes you have received and money you’ve paid for materials. Consumptions of materials and utilization of resources.

Equipment tracking with insights of what happens to your own equipment — where it’s being used and by whom, as well as whether its warranty is about to run out or maybe if it needs to be repaired.


Task scheduling is vital for the success of timely delivery of contracts. With Contract Management ISV materials, resources and equipment can be scheduled which allow contractors to also assign tasks to different team members with priorities. You can trace task progress and and work completion.

Project Document Management

Single contract may have a few to numerous project related documents which must be at ease to access to respective stakeholders. Multiple project documents like RFP, Tenders, excel rough estimates, Auto Cad drawings, permits, surveys, material certificates, inspection certificates and all other project related documents can be linked to a contract.

Work Order Management

A work order in E ConCentral contains information on what work needs to be done related to a contract activity. Work orders are used to coordinate and schedule resources and activities. It can be used for different types of work, such as installations, commissioning, repairs, Audit, or preventive maintenance.

Ability to estimate material, resource and equipment requirement for the work order and book consumption. You can replace estimated item/resource/equipment with available item/resource/equipment.


Quality management is an ongoing improvement and iterative process to deliver contract on expected quality to customers. Quality checks can be linked to a contract or work order. Mandatory quality checks linked to a contract/ work order must be achieved at various levels in order to finish.

Accounting and Financials

E ConCentral powered by Business Central enables enterprises to manage their operations, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, contract management, services, and more to support your highly specialized industry inclusive budgeting, payroll, invoicing, costing, asset management, ePayments, payment tracking, change orders & cash flow. This help contractors to make informed decisions when they need to plan expenses and make financial forecasts.

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