Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trade & Distribution Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trade & Distribution Solution

Trade and Distribution Industry required Dynamics 365 solution to manage and tracking process or business.

Trade and Distribution Industry

There is an easy way to level up your trading & distribution business. This way is to use the most trusted and efficient ERP software designed and developed by Econix Infotech.

We understand that businesses across the globe are staring at the competition in a big way. Also, with the exports expected to rise phenomenally in the coming years, it is imperative that business, especially those in the trading & distribution sector, to come up with excellence in all their dealings. It is, therefore, not surprising to see more and more companies looking up to ERP software and enterprise technology of Econix Infotech to provide them with tools that can be used effectively to make them a hot favorite in the market.

Trade and Distribution Industry solution

Trading and Distribution is a highly competitive industry after Global pandemic COVID-19 and requires robust solution to compete with others. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for trade and distribution includes advance functionalities to accelerate your sales processes, procurement, inventory management, customer relationship management while optimizing your supply chain to meet the demand.

For those engaged in the trading business, our tools and solutions are just perfect for bringing in sophisticated operations into the system. What our solutions succeed in doing is to bring in synchronized departments, better outcomes, increased profits, and improved decisions.In choosing to partner with Econix, our trading & distribution partner can look forward to the following:

Trade and Distribution Process

Monitoring of Resources in Real-time

Dynamics 365 ERP for trade & distribution using AI-based real-time monitoring for tracking supply chain business. Econix InfoTech Dynamics 365 finance and Business Central ERP solution help businesses give real-time supply chain monitoring and make it cost-effective.

Customized Notifications

Econix InfoTech Dynamics 365 finance and Business Central ERP solution enables customized notification for trade and distribution business. Every time in trade business notification, it is a must for tracking real-time events. Dynamics 365 ERP for trade & distribution requires notification for tracking supply chain trade distribution.

Accurate Reports & Analysis

The essential part of trade and distribution businesses is to analyse the repost, track the workflow, and manage the supply chain. Econix help small to large business models overcome these issues by implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and business central ERP solutions.

Workflow Management

Workflow is a system that runs on the Application Object Server (AOS). The workflow system provides functionality that you can use to create individual workflows, or business processes.

Fixed Assets Management

Dynamics 365 offers an automated fixed asset management system that enables businesses to manage asset acquisition, depreciation, disposal, and maintenance.


Reduce risk by tracking and monitoring compliance requirements across all locations and geographies. ECONIX mitigating compliance risk with Dynamics 365 ERP solution for small, medium or large businesses.

Application Integration

Econix optimizes Dynamics 365 ERP solution using application integration. Many functionalities like multi-currency, multi-language, tax regulations across different geographies, and efax solutions are additionally implemented using application integration.

Sales Management

Econix enhance D365 finance ERP solution sales functionality for trade and distribution business like creating quotation, up-sell, cross-sell to new and existing customers, creating sales invoices for customers, create sales orders for clients.

Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 finance and Business Central ERP solution enhance supply chain management for trade and distribution business. ECONIX implements a supply chain distribution process for trade businesses so that the organization can manage real-time distribution.

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